GREENSBORO, NC -- Eventually it gets down to money\. But before we get into the details of HOW to pay for retirement-- let's just dream. What does retirement look like for you?

“Is retirement a beach house and a more expensive lifestyle and living on a yacht. Or you have no vision for it yet and you plan on just sitting on your couch, which is also not realistic.”

Certified Financial Planner Matt Logan wants us to be realistic. One of the biggest mistakes is not figuring out what kind of retirement you want. So at least start with what your vision is.

The next big mistake people make? “Seventy-five percent of people take social security at age 62. That's not the best bet for everybody. A lot of people just do it because they don't know any better and they say, ‘Hey, I can get money from the government. I've been paying in forever, why not.’ “

And the answer to why not, is at 62 the government caps how much you can make while collecting social security. If you make too much and you have to give back part of your social security check.

Yeah, not the kind of surprise you want!

Matt logan is a representative with matt logan inc., and summit brokerage and may be reached at, 336-540-9700 or