GREENSBORO, NC -- You've seen this before, the wreck happens and everyone takes a different role. Some people are looking at damage, others are yelling.

When you get in a car wreck, what should you be doing or not? To help you with the insurance company and to protect yourself. 2 Wants To Know brought in Richard Manger, a lawyer and certified mediator.

What should people do who have been injured in a wreck to protect themselves?

Get names & contact info for any witnesses.
Get ins info for other vehicles involved in wreck.
Get appropriate medical care promptly if injured.
Report wreck to their own insurance carrier.

Should you be giving a statement to the other driver's insurance company.

Do not give statement to insurance carriers for other vehicles involved in wreck until get legal advice on

whether in your best interest.

Don't delay on getting medical care if you are really hurt.

Don't let car sit in wrecker yard.

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