GREENSBORO, NC – From the first inkling of a flurry, people start going to the store and stocking up on… guessed it….milk and bread.

It's become a joke. But the City of Greensboro tweeted 2WTK: “I'd loved to see some real research into the phenomenon of buying milk and bread for impending snow.”

So here's what 2 Wants To Know found: several articles, one on the WFMY News 2 website, and also one from Forbes.

Apparently, the folks at Accuweather partially credit a blizzard in New England in 1978. Folks bought milk and bread prior it and people were trapped inside their homes for weeks. I guess legend had it that people were happy to have had at least some fresh food to live off of.

Seriously, that's some snow!

But most recently, in 2014, a writer for Pittsburgh Magazine found newspaper clippings from 1950 when a snowstorm hit. Apparently, there were stories of how stores had a shortage of milk and that other stores were doling out bread to folks.

A Forbes magazine looked at an article called the psychology of stockpiling. The findings suggest you feel in control when you can stockpile things that would be a temporary inconvenience if you didn't have them.