GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Do you seem to get a little shock every time you touch something?

It's not in your head. The dry air is creating more static electricity.

According to Life Hacker, static electricity is when an electric charge builds up on the surface of objects. Basically electrons move from one surface to another through contact.

If both of those surfaces are insulators, they'll build up an electric charge.

Dry air, like we're dealing with now is an insulator. So are the rubber soles on your shoes and wool carpet, so when you walk around in these things, your body builds up a charge that it can't get rid of through the insulating soles of your shoes.

That means when you touch a conductor, like a metal doorknob, you'll get a small shock.

This time of year, Cotton is your best friend, not wool. So are leather soled shoes not rubber soles.