GREENSBORO, NC -- You're waiting to vote. Depending where you are in line, and if there are signs posted, it's voter selfie time.

You're at the voting machine. In North Carolina, you should just put your phone down. You can't be talking on the phone while you're here and you can't take a selfie here either.

And while you can't take a pic of your filled out ballot showing who you voted for, you can snap a selfie of you and a friend stuffing your ballot in the box.

North Carolina is one of 26 states that have selfie restrictions at polling places, 9 states give you free reign on selfies when you vote and in 15 states the laws are in that gray area....literally. So, why do so many states have a ban on taking a pic of their filled out ballot?

Take a trip back to 1891. There weren't Polaroids then, much less selfies. But during that time, bar owners would bribe patrons with a beer for a vote if you could prove you chose their candidate. And while things are very different now, it all really comes down to protection.

"We have a law that says you can't prove to someone that you voted a particular way, so we protect the integrity of the election system."

If you get caught in North Carolina taking a selfie, what happens? It's a misdemeanor. But the state elections board told me if anyone's ever been prosecuted for it, they haven't heard about it