GREENSBORO, NC -- All the flooding, all the people in shelters, all the damage and the destruction. It's not going away anytime soon. The Governor tweeted out a way for you to help. Basically, you can text your donation to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund.

What happens to the money you donate? 2WTK looked up the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund donations page. It tells you how to donate and even gives you a link to volunteering, but no information on how relief money like this has been used in the past or will be used this time.

So we asked the Governor's office for info. While this relief fund is just getting off the ground, they pointed us to the history of how the fund has been used in the past.

For example:

The NC Disaster Fund was established in 1999 as a result of Hurricane Floyd. That year it received more than 66,000 donations totaling approximately $21 million.

Within three months, more than $16 million was distributed to 34 counties which resulted in 35,000 families receiving financial assistance.

The remaining donations were given to organizations doing long term recovery efforts...and And to a low-cost housing construction program managed by the NC Division of Emergency Management.