Greensboro, NC --- Where does all your money go?!?!? So many of us ask yourselves that question over and over but rarely do anything about figuring out the answer.

Demeterius Morgan of Goodwill Industries has several ways to help you with that including an Audit of Ways to Save.

Budget Saving Tips

Everything from shopping for the clothes you need, but not making it part of your entertainment. (when it’s entertainment, we tend to overbuy and impulse buy!)

Second, a Weekly Expense Tracker. Some people will look at this and think this is overkill. Morgan suggests tracking your spending for a full month this way. He says this really gives you a real-life look at where your money goes. The big purchases and where the small ones add up.

Weekly Expense Tracker

Next, a Budget Worksheet includes the bills, but also the items we may conveniently forget about like dry cleaning, the movies and snacks at the vending machine. And if you think you don't have enough money for a budget, Morgan says, that's THE reason to have a budget. To be in charge of your money and have the freedom to spend it the way you want, you have to know where it's going AHEAD of time.

Monthly Spending Planner

Goodwill is offering FREE Financial Literacy workshops every Thursday in July, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. At Triad Goodwill’s Burlington Career Center, 3740 S. Church Street, Burlington, NC 27215.

Topics include Budget Basics, Tools and Tips for Saving Money, Financial Aid, and Using Credit. Participation in all four workshops is recommended. Please arrange for childcare in advance. Call 336-417-5990 to register and for more information. Agenda follows:

July 13
Five steps to budgeting
Set up SMART goals
Collect financial information
Track money coming in and going out
Review cash flow and set up a budget

July 20
Identify debts and track spending
Understand needs versus wants – make behavioral changes
Build a sustainable budget, cut spending painlessly and reduce waste
Create a strategy to survive tough economic times
Discuss tools, tips and ways to make little changes that save money overtime

July 27
Using Credit
Financial Aid Eligibility
Student Loans
Education as an Investment