GREENSBORO, NC -- Christmas presents, you have a budget for. Mother's day flowers, it's not a question. But
Halloween might be the sneaky holiday that ends up hurting your budget.

"Do you even look at this in your budget or is this one of those times when the family budget is way off because you buy the costumes and the candy and you have all these expenses you didn't plan for?" says Certified Financial Planner Matt Logan.

It starts so innocently. One bag of Halloween candy is in the car and then you end up with three. So, the first takeaway is put Halloween in the budget.

The second, is know you’re probably paying more for your Halloween treats. “The amount Americans have spent on Halloween has jumped a billion dollars in two years, that's a lot. And when you take a further look into the numbers, a lot of that is actually the cost of candy, with cocoa prices and sugar.”

It's true, we looked at the cost of commodities for the last eight years. On the left part of the graphic in this story, you see the cost changes in sugar over the couple of years and then on the right you can see the cost of cocoa. Both took a dip in 2013 and then climbed right back up.