BURLINGTON, NC -- Really, you need to be worried about your windshield wipers? Considering the motor controlling the wipers could start a fire, yes, yes you do need to worry about your wipers.

Subaru's recall of 592,647 cars includes 2010–2014 Legacy and Outback models. The wiper motors can overheat, melt, and possibly start a fire. This recall is linked to the September 2011 recall of nearly the same issue.

2WTK called Subaru of Burlington to see what you're in store for with this recall. At this point, they have zero parts in stock. So, don't think you can just stop by on Saturday and get this recall fixed.

The process goes like this: you need to call the dealer, give them your VIN, they'll order the part for your car.
It could take a week or so, .then they'll schedule you an appointment. Once you get the car in the shop, it's just an hour fix.