GREENSBORO, N.C. -- What size are you? It should be an easy question to answer, but for the ladies, not so much.

One store you’re one size and in another you’re a different size. There's no standardized sizing in the U-S.

Some stores are making larger clothes with smaller numbers to help women feel better about themselves.

The American Society for Testing and Materials compared sizes:

Size 8 in 1958:
Bust: 31.0 in
Waist: 23.5
Hips: 32.5 in

Size 8 in 2012:
Bust: 36.25 in
Waist: 28.75 in
Hips: 39.00 in

What’s considered an 8 today, would have been a size 14 in 1958.

These smaller numbers forced manufacturers to create new sizes like zero and double zero. Since there's no standard sizing, the size you wear, varies from store-to-store.

“Vanity sizing is a way for luxury brands and other brands in fashion to help a customer feel good about themselves by saying "you're a size 2" but when you look at their measurements of bust, waist and hip, they could be a size 6 or even a size 8.” Shawn Carter, Fashion Institute of Technology said.

So how do you avoid trying on 3 sizes?

Take your measurements before shopping then look at the store's sizing chart online.

Keep in mind, body types have changed over the years, which is why HanesBrands, NC State and other apparel companies are sponsoring a 'Size North America' study.

Throughout 2018, a research group will use 3D laser technology on a diverse group of 17,000 people.

It will help them identify the changes in body sizes, measurements and proportions of people in the U.S. and Canada.

The study will help HanesBrands develop up-to-date size tables.