GIBSONVILLE, N.C.-- It's a problem that's slowly growing, bad gasoline at a Gibsonville gas station costing thousands in repairs. The question now is who foots the bill?

Last week, we told you a man filed a formal complaint with the state because his car stopped working shortly after filling up at this station on Highway 87.

Tuesday, we met another man who filed a similar complaint.

The state tested and proved that the gas had too much water in it and shut down the affected pumps.

WFMY News 2 spoke with multiple agents from some of the major car insurance companies, and most were not able to provide a solid answer on if they would cover the repair or said that they could only answer if we had a claim to file with them.

However, Matthew Young a local Geico agent said gas stations are required to have insurance that would cover bad gas.

In the Gibsonville cases since the state can't prove where the water came from, the state can't make the gas station pay.

If you have comprehensive coverage, you most likely will be able to file a claim with your company. It's not required in the state of North Carolina, but covers claims for damage to your car caused by something other than a collision.

"If you have damage to your car that you can't wait perhaps a month on, the insurance company may go ahead and pay and claim for you, but then subrogate against the party that is ultimately responsible," Young said.

Young said it is extremely rare to get a bad gas claim covered with liability.

The best thing you can do if you think you have contaminated gas is to document everything, have the gas tested, and file a formal complaint with the state department of agriculture.