Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The World Wide Web is like the wild wild west. You can virtually go anywhere and post anything, but you can also be sued for those comments.

"People should be mindful of the comments that they make," Columbia attorney James Smith said.

Smith has represented a handful of people who have sued for what was posted about them online.

"If untrue and if they are factual assertions and they harm somebody else's reputation, they could be held responsible for that," he said.

In 2012 Sergeant Major Teresa King was the first female commander of the US Army Drill Sergeant School at Fort Jackson.

"There was a blog that wrote several things about her,” he said.

The blog claimed that she was being investigated for misconduct. Smith is her attorney and says that those claims were false.

"We brought action to hold them accountable and that's still pending right now," said Smith.

Lawsuits like this are happening throughout the country.

A North Carolina woman was sued for a post that she made. According to the lawsuit Jacquelyn Hammond posted on Facebook, "I didn't get drunk and kill my kid,” about someone she knew.

It was a gun accident that killed the woman's son, but the incident happened decades ago and involved another boy - not her.

So the woman sued, the case settled and Hammond paid out $500,000.

"(I’m) really not surprised by the outcome. What was uttered if untrue, is defamation," Smith said.