You know when you hear a positive story and it really makes you believe the best about people, it fills up the “I believe the best about people” meter.

This is not one of those stories. In fact, you can hear the “I believe the best about people” meter dropping. It goes quick folks, especially when you hear how smart this scam is.

“I took my phone out of my purse to take pictures, because that's what one does, and I wasn't paying attention and stuck it back in my pocket instead of my purse. They took it out of my pocket, you know in a bar, people bump up against you. I didn't notice. It's just like being pick pocketed, “ explains Tayler Overschmidt.

The scam works this way: they target you and now they have your phone. What's next?

“So I had a friend call my phone, some guy answered claiming he was the manager of the bar, he tells me he needs my pass code to prove it's mine.”

Uh-oh. Once they have your passcode, they're in. They have full control of the phone. It's a really smart scam. Who doesn't want to believe the bar or restaurant found their phone? And in the crisis of it, proving it's yours over the phone doesn't sound too unreasonable. Don't fall for it. If it's a real manager, they'll allow you to come back to the business before you identify the phone.

Do what Tayler did-- hang up. Like her, you'll be buying a new phone--but at least they won't have access to your info and can't drain your accounts.