WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- You do a lot of things at the Dixie Classic Fair: you eat, go on rides, watch a pig race. But what you've probably NEVER done is learn how to save your house from burning down.

The Winston-Salem Fire Department is educating fair crowds about how to stop the most common of house fires-- the cooking fire.

"In the united states we have anywhere from 350 to 400 thousand house fires a year and 40% of those are a result of cooking incidents."

Every day during the fair, usually at 11am and 5pm, the department demonstrates one of the easiest way to put out a stove top fire. And it doesn't include you reaching for the fire extinguisher.

"What we want to demonstrate for you is a StoveTop FireStop canister. The $50 device is attached to your stove hood with a magnet. Once the fire reaches the wick, it extinguishes a powder that drops from the canister and pretty much snuffs out the fire that's on your pot of pan on your stove.

Fair goers crowded around to see how It would work, "Didn't sound like a really good idea, but then all of a sudden a little powder dropped down and put the fire out. Oh man it's awesome," said one man.

"Fifty bucks is a whole lot cheaper than redoing your house or losing somebody's life, man. So yeah, 50 bucks is well worth it."