GREENSBORO, NC – You can’t help but wonder how the people flooded out from Harvey will recoup all they’ve lost. Whether it’s a flood or a house fire, making sure your insurance pays for what you’ve lost is important.
Here's the thing, none of us can remember everything in our homes.
Which is why you should make a home inventory. One way is to simply take pictures of all the things in your house that you would want replaced. Open up your closet, take pictures of the art hanging on the walls, electronics and major appliances need to be documented. And not just the outside, but the brand name and serial numbers, so your insurer can replace what you had with exact or similar items.

Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services says once you make the inventory, you need to have more than one copy.

“An inventory list at your house, exposed to fire, kinda spooks me out. So I want someone else to have it, hopefully your insurance agent or your trusted friend, but someone else needs to have that record.”
Cook says you can make a written list, a video or pictures. Just do it.

And here's another selling point, he says a claim without an inventory can take six months to process while you're remembering all the things you lost versus just a week or two.