KPNX – It’s one thing to get a call from a number you don’t know, but when you get a call from your own number, it makes you almost WANT to pick up the phone.
This is the trick scammers are now using. People across the country are getting calls from numbers that curiously look either like their exact same number, or just a few digits off. It might peek your curiosity or just your interest, that's what the scammer is banking on it.
How do they do it? It’s called spoofing. They take a real phone number and use it under false pretenses. The intention of this scam is for you to pick up this phone.

The person on the other line hopes you'll answer because you recognize the number and then try to mislead you into thinking they're either a debt collector or try to get you to give up your personal information in other ways.
Don’t fall for it. Never give out personal info over the phone. If they claim they’re from a business or bank, look up the number to the business yourself and then call.
Also, if you haven't done it already, sign up for the Do Not Call Registry. Once you do, it never expires. Now, it won't stop scammers, because they don't play by the rules, but it can cut down on telemarketing and sales calls.