RALEIGH, N.C.— The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is in the process of notifying up to 24,000 customers after it was discovered that their personal information may have been disclosed.

The potential disclosure of personal information is due to “the inadvertent discarding of DMV information forms at the North Raleigh Driver License Office on Spring Forest Road,” the division said in a release.

The records potentially impacted were collected between Sept. 1, 2016 and March 7.

The DMV said an internal investigation has so far found no evidence that personal information was revealed to anyone outside the division. Despite that, the DMV is urging affected customers to pay close attention to their credit reports for any suspicious activity.


The division said in the release that the records were meant to be shredded but an equipment issue made that impossible at the time and they were instead placed in a box to be shredded later. The DMV’s cleaning crew then took the boxes and, assuming it was regular garbage, threw them out without shredding them.

Personal information that may have been compromised includes names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and ages of customers. The division said that their investigation has so far confirmed that 391 forms possibly contained Social Security numbers and another 23,000 forms may have had names, addresses and dates of birth.

According to their release, the DMV has taken the following corrective action:

  • Letters notifying affected customers are being mailed out this week, advising them to check credit reports and statements to protect against fraudulent activity, and how to contact credit bureaus with questions
  • Reported the matter to the N.C. Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division
  • Replaced the faulty equipment, and resumed daily shredding of documents
  • Retrained the North Raleigh office staff on DMV’s document disposal and storage policy and sent reminders about that policy to all license offices
  • DMV is planning disciplinary action against the manager of the local office

Anyone with questions about the potential disclosure should contact DMV at 1-866-294-6750.