CHARLOTTE, NC -- Five out of ten "Ally Lucky Pennies" in Charlotte have been found.

Ally Financial started this campaign with a video that stated powerful phrases such as, "Millions of dollars go missing one penny at a time," and "People simply don't value them anymore". In order to help change the way people look at money, they created a scavenger hunt in which they dropped ten "Lucky Pennies" all over Charlotte, each one is redeemable for $1,000. The company hopes to counter the opinion that pennies are worthless because, as the saying goes, every penny counts when you’re saving.

John Haley, a Management Assistant at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, found his luck in NoDa this week when he found his Ally Lucky Penny. He found the penny on a bench in front of Cabo Fish Taco in NoDa, after his fiancée told him about a clue that Ally Financial had released on Twitter. The couple had been following the Twitter clues all over Charlotte in hopes of finding a lucky penny.

Haley said that the couple plans on spending their winnings on their honeymoon.

With Haley winning, there are only five lucky pennies left around Charlotte. The contest goes until December 31. So next time you see a penny on the street, you might want to pick it up.

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