GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police have arrested eight people after a protest that started at the Greensboro City Council Meeting. 

The activists took over the City Council Meeting during recess before the meeting was shut down and protesters were led out of the building.

The protest didn’t end inside city hall as the crowd took their message to the streets. The eight were later arrested after refusing to move off the roadway. 

That’s after they were given five minutes to express their message as police blocked traffic. According to police, they were arrested for impeding traffic as a show of civil dissidence.

The protesters are calling attention for support of Jose Charles and the Police Citizens Review Board. This is all over the 2016 arrest of Jose Charles, at the time 15-years-old,  who was arrested last year and charged with assaulting a police officer. Tamara Figueroa, who's Jose's mother, filed a complaint against the department after she said the officers used excessive force. Figueroa said her son was beaten by a group of teenagers in downtown on the July 4, but police mistook him for a suspect.

The department's internal review found the officers didn't break the law. However, a member of the police review board said she thinks the police mishandled it. The police review board member resigned on Saturday. 

Jose Charles's court date is on May 11. His mother and others were hoping the city council, after reviewing the video would ask the DA to drop the charges against him. The meeting took a turn after Councilwoman Sharon Hightower, backed off of a motion to release the charges. Jose's mom and the group want the city council to do something before his court date on May 11. However, we have not heard from anyone else with the city as to what will happen next.

After a recess, people started chanting, singing and taking over the meeting room. That’s when Mayor Nancy Vaughan had the meeting dismissed.

The group then blocked three lanes of Friendly Street near the Davie Street parking lot.

The eight were charged with Impeding the Flow of Traffic which is a misdemeanor. They were all released from custody shortly after 9pm. 

Those arrested include:
Sarah Leanne Hamrick, 24, of Winston-Salem
Cristina Gail Paynter, 22, of Greensboro
Betsy Sue Oldenburg, 61, of Greensboro
Camille Dukes Hester, 35, of Greensboro
Christopher Bailey Lovingood, 17, of Greensboro
Rebecca Anne Aubrey, 24, address unknown
Isabell Lola Moore, 37, of Greensboro
Lindsay Kate Caesar, 26, of Greensboro