HIGH POINT, NC – Dressed in a pink and blue shirt, 9-year-old Sadie Shroyer played with the app “Acapella” on her phone. With a ukulele, a pad of Post-Its and her own voice, she belted out a song that’s replayed in her mind for the last year.

“Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times. To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done. But when I call you never seem to be home.”

The song, 'Hello' by artist Adele, has a special meaning for Sadie- her father died of a mysterious illness in 2015.

“I remember probably a couple of days after my dad had passed away it was playing and it was very popular and so I kept singing it a lot,” said the young girl.

Her mom Ami added, “She said that she felt like he was on the other side and that he could hear her and that she was saying that she was sorry for anything bad she had ever done and she just felt close to him.”

Mike Shroyer, Ami’s husband and love of 19 years, died suddenly after inhaling debris while working. Medications caused side effects, leading to malnutrition and dehydration and his sudden death.

“It was devastating,” said Ami. “We had just signed papers on the 47-acre property that we were on and so instead of closing and moving forward, he was gone.”

Ami and Mike operated Wide Open Ministries and leaned on faith in their marriage and with their children. Ami is now the director of the ministry and plans to use it to do good work in the community.

Ami, Sadie and her brother, Jeffery Michael spent the last year singing through their grief. All three, extremely talented; a mini-choir of heavenly voices.

“Music is always in the house,” said Ami. “And you never know what Sadie is going to do. She’s very creative.”

Creative is an understatement. She used a notepad to create a rhythm in her four-part a capella, which her mom eventually posted on Instagram.

“I thought she was doing homework,” laughed Ami. “And she ran downstairs and asked for a note-pad. I didn’t know she was doing that upstairs. But, she came down and showed me the video she made and then she said ‘Mom, I know it’s not perfect, but I’m only 9,’”

It’s not the first time Sadie used her musical talent for a lost loved on. A few months before her father died, Ami miscarried. Sadie wrote a lullaby for her unknown sibling, called 'Goodnight, Little Baby.'

"She did a really cute version of it and put it up on Youtube and that's how we told people that we lost the baby so, it was really special."

Sadie, a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” said she tries to sing as much as possible, but is sometimes overwhelmed with emotion.

“I always have those moments when I just start sobbing over something that me and my dad used to do. So, if there’s ever a time you really need to cry I think you should cry about it.”

"Even though it's extremely hard we still feel like a family. We just can't see him now and we will again,” said Ami.

There's no doubt her dad can hear her from heaven. After all, Sadie has the voice of an angel.

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