GREENSBORO, N.C. -- You don't have to look far to find family and friends divided over the Duke vs UNC game.

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We found a couple here in the WFMY News 2 office that have been battling over their favorite teams for years.

Eric Hungate is a sales manager at the station and an avid Duke fan. His wife, Marianne, loves the Tarheels.

"I've been a Duke fan since I was 8 years old," Eric explained.

Marianne went to school at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The rivalry has caused clashes between them, like deciding what shade of blue to paint their son's room.

"You've got your baby blue, I call it. I don't even call it Carolina blue, it's a baby blue. And then you've got your Duke blue or your royal blue. So we came up with a blue right in the middle," Eric said.

They also argue over which team their dog is rooting for and which team their sons will cheer on.

"I'm not allowed to put a lot of Duke stuff up at the house so I have it all here at work so she doesn't have to see it," Eric said.

So when game time comes around, you won't find them watching together.

"We've found it's easier just to watch it in different rooms," Marianne explained. "Otherwise when one person is excited, the other one is irritated."

They even opted to watch separately tonight, which happens to be Eric's birthday.

"I had to get special permission to go to the game tonight but we celebrated last night so he's okay with that," Marianne said.