GREENSBORO, N.C. - Last minute holiday shoppers are rushing to retail stores in hopes of meeting the Christmas Holiday deadline.

According to a recent survey by Business Wire, about 65 percent of shoppers wait until the last two weeks before Christmas to start their holiday shopping.

The survey also shows some people wait until after the holiday to find the perfect gift.

Retail Next, a company that collects shopper behavior data, says Friday might be the season's biggest shopping day in terms of both sales and shopper visits.

For that reason, some retailers are offering deals and convenient ways to pick up gifts.

Let's not forget about "Super Saturday."

It's another day when retailers offer deals and steals.

Some stores plan to open their doors early or remain open around the clock for the holiday shopping rush.

Here's some quick tips for late holiday shoppers:

  • Go to retail stores. Online shopping could be tricky due to shipping. Packages may not arrive on Christmas Day.
  • Call the store before you leave the house to see if the product you want is still available. It could save you time and an unnecessary trip.
  • Don't forget to ask the retailer to keep the requested item on hold. You don't want to rush to the store just to find out the item is no longer there.
  • Arrive early. It's best for you to get to the store as soon as it opens. You'll get in and out first.
  • Prepare a holiday shopping list in advance. You do not want to enter a store blindfolded.
  • Don't get distracted. Stick to your shopping list and move on to avoid getting sidetracked.
  • Gift cards are a win-win for both parties and one of the most requested items.
  • Don't forget about the gift of experience. You could consider taking friends and family out to dinner or the movies.
  • Remember, it's the thought that counts.