During the holidays we know there's record shopping and spending and it's also the busiest travel time. Put them all together, and you could find yourself in some trouble with your car.

AAA reports that nearly a third of all auto collisions in 2016 happened in a parking lot.

If you get hit, get evidence. State Farm recommends taking pictures with your phone and taking notes. If the other driver is still there, get their contact and insurance information. You can also check in with the store to see if they have security cameras that can show exactly what happened.

If you hit somebody's car, don't leave the scene. That could put you at risk for getting charged with a hit & run. The best thing to do is touch base with the driver to exchange information. If they aren't at their car, you can leave a note with contact information. You could also go to the store to see if they might be able to help track down the driver, or you could contact police. Police should also be able to help find the driver and they can also file a report so there's no confusion.