BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A woman from Burlington just wants to pay it forward for a family who has saved her child’s life.

Recently Tina Turner, and her son 14-year-old, Albert Jeffries, nicknamed 'ALJ,' appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

ALJ was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy around the age of 4 months, and has struggled with a weak heart for most of his life. Then the news came in March, he would receive a new heart.

ALJ and his mother were surprised when Ellen gave them a trip to Hawaii.

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However, Tina wanted to do something special for the family who decided to donate their child’s heart to save ALJ.
In a Facebook live, Tina said “My donor family deserves that trip.”

Tina then made a call to the hotel to ask for the names on the trip to be switched to the donor’s name.

An emotional Tina said, “Our donor family has had the most stressful time ever.”

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She also said, “ALJ is here with me. ALJ is here with me. You know, Shawn the donor’s family has lost both kids.

The family was so wonderful to donate both kids’ organs. If anyone deserves a trip it would be the donor’s family.”

Tina also said, “Yes, ALJ is a hero. He fought for his life but these kids they lost their lives.”

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The hotel then contacted the Ellen Show and Tina got another surprise.

“We got a phone call tonight. You guys are coming too. You’re going to Hawaii with us,” said Tina on Facebook.

“I just love you guys so much and I think you deserve it so much.”