GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When you're driving into the city, it's one of the first things you notice - the Lincoln Financial building.

Now the tallest building in the Gate City will be standing out even more.

It's getting an upgrade on its lights.

We noticed the building changing colors on our WFMY News 2 Skycam...and we had to find out more!

(Chief Meteorologist Tim Buckley was especially hype about this.)

"We looked into this LED technology, and there's a company that specializes in this - it's the same company that lights up the Empire State Building and the Smithsonian and a lot of other famous buildings," said Kevin Fox, Vice President of Facilities and Operations for Lincoln Financial.

Right now, Fox says they're just testing the lights - learning about the different ways to program them.

So don't expect a psychedelic show every night. The Lincoln Financial guys say they're keeping it conservative.

They want to stand out - not be a distraction.

But you can expect some cool colors on special days and occasions!