GREENSBORO, NC – If you close you eyes and listen to Connie Kelley-Sidberry and Anita Chesney laugh and tease each other, you would never know it’s been almost 50 years.

“She always got better grades than I did,” said Kelley-Sidberry “Even though she would go home very weekend. That’s where her boyfriend was.”

With a laugh and a soft elbow to Kelly-Sidberry’s side, Chesney said, “We are both nurses and were were roommates here at A&T.”

The pair, class of 1971, meet at every Aggie homecoming. Kelley-Sidberry travels from Raleigh, Chesney from Tennessee.

"We’re best friends,” said Chesney. “We talk to each other once or twice a week."

It would be hard to miss the two sharp dressed ladies, in Aggie yellow shirts and ascots with the A&T logo printed on them, walking around Fan Fest, the largest city-managed special even in Greensboro.

Kelley-Sidberry said they are used to dressing alike and being bold at A&T.

“On campus, we wore grey starched uniforms which meant we stood out on campus.”

The two, not only remained in each other's lives but where present for big moments

"I was at her wedding. She decided to get married her senior year of high, senior year of college. Her mother actually took care of my baby when she was a little girl,” said Kelley-Sidberry.

The pair explained, if it weren't for the Aggie atmosphere they might not have had the chance to become sister soul mates. Each lady has a degree from other universities, but believe there’s nothing like Aggie Pride.

“Every where you turn in the country, you’ll find an Aggie.”

And even if that weren’t true, it’s a good thing Kelly-Sidberry and Chesney only have to travel a short distance to find each other.