GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- County Commissioners are searching for a new director for the Guilford County Animal Shelter after a sudden resignation.

Drew Brinkley, the former director, resigned Wednesday. This comes the same day the shelter was fined $2500 by the state for leaving 12 dogs outside, unprotected in the heat.

However, Deputy County Manager and Interim Shelter Director, Clarence Grier, says Brinkley did not resign because of the fine.

"He left because he wanted to pursue other opportunities," Grier said.

When asked what specific opportunities Brinkley was leaving for, Grier said he did not know.

The citation from the state says the dogs were left in an area that "did not contain dog houses or otherwise provide protection from excessive sun."

"We made mistakes and we need to learn from them and move forward," Grier said. "I don't anticipate anymore mistakes. But as we move forward in finding a new director we will take those things into consideration."

Grier says that while he's filling in as director, there will be a lot more oversight of employees.

The search for a new director has already begun. But Grier said County Commissioners do not want to rush it.

"We want to find the right person to lead the shelter moving forward," Grier said.

This is the second director to resign in 2 years. The shelter has faced years of controversy over allegations of animal abuse and cruelty.