HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The number of unsolved murders in the city of High Point from 2017 is more than all of the city's total homicides from the year before.

Police say there were 20 murders in the city last year, and seven of those are unsolved.

In 2016, there were 6 total murders in High Point, and the new year doesn't trigger a reset button for investigations.

While police do plan on focusing on a safer new year.. crimes that don't get solved in 2017, don't just go away.

If they aren't solved, they can stay that way for years to come leaving families with more questions than answers.

"The calendar year doesn't mean we get to wipe the slate clean. Those cases don't go away. We don't pack those case files away in a drawer and never look at them again. They still remain a priority for us as a department," said Lietenant Cheeks with the High Point Police Department.

Right now, investigators continue to search for leads in 7 unsolved murders from last year, along with 3 unsolved murders from 2016.

Police do have information on many of the homicides, but not enough to charge anyone -- which is why it is so important people are reminded -- any little piece of information you have -- could break a case wide open.

"That's the information a lot of times in the cases that we have been able to solve, its because our community members have come forward, talked to detectives, provided that information that put us in the right direction, and that has again -- helped up bring closure to these families," said Lt. Cheeks.

A lot of times if people aren't comfortable coming forward and speaking directly with a detective, police tell them to call Crime Stoppers. It is completely anonymous.

Last year, our 2 Wants To Know team verified the Crime Stoppers program is 100 percent anonymous.

So, if you know something about a crime, there is a way to speak up without anyone ever knowing.

"We just make sure not to in the tip to identify someone as a he, she her, him. We try to keep it very vague, and say 'the caller said,' 'the tipster reported," said Stacey Finch, The Guilford County Crime Stoppers Coordinator.

Lt. Cheek says regardless of stats, and how they compare to years past, at the end of the day they don't want to find the suspects because of numbers. They want to find them because there are seven families who lost someone, and they want to bring them closure.

If you know any information on these unsolved murders - or any crimes - call High Point Crime Stoppers at 336-889-4000.