GREENSBORO, NC -- We gave you another chance to get your questions answered directly by Greensboro's top cop! Police chief Wayne Scott appeared on the Good Morning Show for another Ask the Chief segment.

Of course, this is a big weekend for Greensboro as A&T alums come home for homecoming. Unfortunately, there have been some safety issues at A&T, both recently and during past homecomings. Earlier this month, two A&T students died when someone started shooting during at an off-campus house party. Last homecoming, officers responded to a shooting at a house party where one person died. In that case, the responding officer shot a suspect who refused to drop his weapon. No one wants to see anything like that this weekend. So we asked Chief Scott what GPD is doing this year to keep students and guests safe?

Chief Scott said, "It's a great weekend, the city sees a great influx of people so we try to respond in accordance with that. We really address it in two ways. One, we look at having all the contacts in the community beforehand. We have had community meetings both on and off campus trying to make sure the students know how they can best protect themselves. And then secondly, we supply the right manpower. We've met with the folks that are doing parties, with the promoters, we've met with some local clubs and entertainment venues -- we've given them tips and we are going to strategically place police officers at the right places to make the community as safe as possible."

We're also less than two weeks away from election day! We all know North Carolina is a battleground state, and we've seen all the candidates and their running mates speak in Greensboro at one point or another. A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama spoke at A&T and spoke at a rally while he was in town. We know these visits can put a strain on police departments since they have to help with logistics, planning and security. We asked how this election season has been for GPD.

Chief Scott said, "It has been extremely taxing to us. When the president was in town a couple of weeks ago I had a moment to visit with him and he said, 'I'm the guy who always comes and messes up your traffic.' And that actually is true for all of the candidates. We embrace having that kind of attention brought to Greensboro, but it is very taxing. We have a great support system here with our other departments around us, but it does drive up our overtime. That's the bottom line to keep these folks safe and to keep the community moving.

At the city we plan on it in election years that we're going to use more overtime. And of course we move the resources where we need to, but it's important-- I've had people ask me why we do all of this for candidates. It's just really important that we're able to keep those folks safe and get our community in and out."

A viewer submitted a question about texting and driving. Here is the question and Chief Scott's response:

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