GREENSBORO, NC -- It's a police officer's job to protect and serve. But thanks to partnership with Kwikset, some people's homes are getting a little more protection tonight.

Kwikset gave free locks to the City of Greensboro. Greensboro Police checked records of people who'd been burglarized, and figured out where locks would have made a difference. Today, city maintenance workers installed those locks for free!

GPD Lt. Stephanie Martis said, "We just like to reach out and improve the quality of life citizens of Greensboro who've been victims of residential burglaries, because you know its a really traumatic experience to have your house broken into."

The "Get Lock" program has been in place for five years and GPD says Kwikset has donated 100 locks over the past five years.

Along with the lock installation, each home owner is encouraged to accept a free home safety assessment by their Community Resource Officer. They can give pointers on lighting/shrubbery/locks at your home. They hope it will increase burglary awareness, enhance community relationships, and reduce burglaries city-wide.