BURLINGTON, NC - A kind gesture from a Burlington company is helping preserve the memory of a fallen Alamance County Sheriff's Deputy.

Askew-Petersen Stonework is restored the headstone of Deputy George Massey and his wife on Thursday, free of charge!

Deputy George Jefferson Massey was struck by a car in March, 1934 while on duty with Alamance County Sheriffs Office. He died the next day.

"This deputy gave his life for Alamance County and for the department. He was killed in the line of duty. That's what makes him special," said Eugene Petersen, owner of the company.

Deputies were performing a wreath laying ceremony in March when they saw the headstone was beginning to age and tip over. That's when they called the Burlington company and asked for a quote to repair Massey and his wife's stones. 

"We don't want to take for granted that they payed the ultimate price. They were killed in the line of duty," said Kirk Puckett with the Alamance County Sheriffs Office. "We can't let that go. It's important that we remember where we have been in order to get where we're going in law-enforcement."

Petersen refused to give a quote and said he and his crew would restore it free of charge. This comes after Pertersen said he worked with law enforcement after a home invasion years ago. 

"We had a home invasion about 12 years ago. My family, my two boys, and my wife and I. The sheriffs department were outstanding with what they did for us, and how they care for my children, and how they actively worked the case with many other departments," said Petersen. 

It took crews about two hours to complete the job.

Puckett says George and Selma Massey have the resting place they deserve. 

"It's really the last act that you can give to that man or that woman to know they were properly honored and in a sense, repaid for their service that they gave," said Puckett.

Massey is one of four deputies who have been killed in the line of duty in Alamance County.

The other three were all victims of shootings.

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