Burlington, N.C. – Burlington Parks And Rec is offering a number of courses to teach local senior citizens how to use their smart phones, computers and the internet through the Kernodle Senior Center.

The hour-long classes are offered throughout the months of September and October and last four weeks.

Computer classes for folks 55 and older range between $25 and $30, while phone and tablet classes range from $35 and $40, depending on their city of residence.

Although the focus of the classes are seniors, individuals outside that age range are also welcome to participate, but at a higher fee.

Edwina Haddad, one of the class tutors, says the most common thing students ask is help with learning how to call, text, take pictures, and access social media apps.

"It takes patience, but we try to make it fun,” Haddad says. “Then they learn how to text better than their grandkids and that gets them real excited.”

Haddad explains that in order for the students to get one-on-one attention, the courses tend to be no more than four to five participants.

To learn more about events like the Senior Citizen smart phone course, check out the City of Burlington senior site.

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