BURLINGTON, N.C. - Out with the old and in with the new.

The city of Burlington is switching to LED street lights.

They're working with Duke Energy to change more than 3,000 street lights in residential areas and downtown.

“LED lights are brighter, reduces shadows, and the bulbs last longer,” said Mike Nunn, Director of Transportation. “We have approximately 5,000 total street lights in the city. 700 of those have already been changed out to LED lights.”

Some residents like the bright side of things.

"It makes the streets much brighter and it makes it much more better so you can see more and see what's going on,” said Angela Russell. "I think it's a little safe enough to walk if you want to walk to the store or something. I think it’s a good idea".

Duke Energy is charging the city more than $50, 000 to get the job done.

“There’s a $40, 000 Duke change out fee for LED lights in residential areas and a $13, 000 fee for the downtown lights to be changed,” said Nunn. “This is in the annual city budget for street light expenses.”

There's no additional cost to taxpayers.

The city is in phase I of the renovation project – changing street lights in the residential and downtown area. The work is expected to be complete by June 2018.

If approved by the city council, phase II will begin. It includes switching lights in commercial areas and major roadways.