GREENSBORO -- Police say they have charged Erica Leann Robinson with filing a false police report.

Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes says if convicted, Robinson could spend a maximum of 60 days in jail.

"This person who ended up making this false police report is going to have to live with the fact that they have to take responsibility for five lives lost," said Sheriff Barnes.

The report eventually led to a crash on Battleground Avenue where five people were killed, on September 30.

Greensboro Police say Robinson reported a car was stolen. At the time, Sheriff deputies had no way of knowing this report was false.

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When a Guilford County Sheriff's deputy tried to stop the vehicle because he believed it was stolen -- the car fled.

The Acura sped up, blew through a red light at New Garden Road and Battleground Ave. and collided with an Optima that was crossing the intersection at New Garden.

The people in both cars were killed, which includes the three people in the Acura and two people in the Optima.

The Sheriff maintains his deputy did everything right in this case, because they had no idea at the time, the report of a stolen car was not true.

"It's the public scrutiny that goes with it. Did he make the right decision? And we always have felt that he did make the right decision? And we always have felt that he did make the right decision. As far as he was concerned, the information he had -- this was a stolen car. The people were acting suspiciously, he did what he was supposed to do," said Sheriff Barnes.

The three in the Acura were Deshon Lee Manuel, 42; Theresa Monique Kingcade, 34; and, Bruce Wayne Hunt, 30. The driver of the Optima was Stephanie Louise Warshauer, 32. Her passenger was 29-year-old Alyssa Mackenzie Bolick. All five that died were Greensboro residents.

2 Wants to Know asked a Triad lawyer about why Robinson is only facing a false report charge.

Attorney Locke Clifford says although this report might have been the beginning of this incident -- the reason Robinson won't be charged with anything else is because no one could have been predicted that a false police report would lead to the deadly chase and crash.

He says if he was defending Robinson, he would say it like this:

"Maybe somebody is on top of a mountain, and they take a golf ball sized rock and throw it, and it hits a rock and that rock hits another rock and the next thing you know there is an avalance a mile down the mountain and somebody gets killed. It would be very difficult to say the guy who threw the pebble caused the death," explained Clifford.

Because there's no way the crash could have been predicted - Clifford says a conviction would have been tough.

As for Erica Robinson - she's due in court January 19th.

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