WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- The city of Winston-Salem is reminding residents to keep their yards tidy.

The city posted a picture on social media of a violation notice sign in a grassy area.

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The city says grass taller than eight inches violates Winston-Salem code for weeds and grass. People who don't keep their yard cut could face a $380 fine.

WFMY News 2 did some research and found fines in other local cities and towns you could face if you do not mow your lawn.


The town will start to inspect your lawn if the grass is higher than one foot. That is when a city inspector will come to the property and issue a 10 day notice to mow the grass.

If you do not mow the grass in those 10 days, the town will send someone to mow your lawn. You will be charged what the contractor charges AND the town will slap on their own fee.

Mike Horney with planning services says they will take the contractors charge, take 50% of the total and add that to your fee. You could be facing a $300-$500 charge in total.


If your grass or weed are taller than 12 inches, you might be facing a fine in Greensboro.

According to their website, the amount of money you owe depends on what type of upkeep issue it is and what they have to do to fix it.

If they need to mow your lawn it is $200-$300 per one-quarter acre.

For more information on property upkeep in Greensboro click here.

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This is a city you do not want to be caught with tall grass or weeds.

In the city of Burlington grass or weeds that are taller than 12 inches are in violation, but if your lawn is 2-4 feet tall, expect even more fines.

According to the city, if the property needs mowing there is a $75 contractor fee if it is smaller than an acre. In addition, you also have to pay a $100 administration fee. So for one acre you are facing a minimum of $175 dollars.

If your property needs more than an acre of mowing, the contractor will charge and additional $60 an hour until the entire property is done. This is on top of the administration and the initial contractor fee. If your grass is significantly longer than 12 inches, you will ALSO be charged an extra $40 an hour from the contractor.

The city also has a repeat offender fee as well. If you need to have your lawn taken care of more than one time in a year, each time you are a repeat offender you have to pay an additional $250, even if you take care of the problem yourself.

The city says they made this rule in 2007 and have seen a significant drop in repeat offenders since.

High Point

In High Point things are run a bit different than other cities and towns in the Triad.

They do not fine, but will post a warning in your yard. If you do not respond and mow your lawn, you will get a letter. You then have 10-14 days to mow your lawn before an inspector comes to your house and takes pictures.

If 30 days after the inspector comes to your property and your lawn is still not mowed, a lien will be placed on your home.