GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Friendly Center in Greensboro, Alamance Crossing in Burlington, Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, and Randolph Mall in Asheboro - if you live in the Piedmont Triad, you've likely done some holiday shopping at one of these major retail centers.

But this Thanksgiving, they'll be closed. The parent company, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., announced the news Wednesday.

"Thanksgiving is special and we’ve known that for a long time and there’s been some push back so we want to give that back to the employees and the employees of CBL and the retailers. It’s a very special day," Brad Roger, manager of Friendly Center, said.

Roger said closing shouldn't affect revenue too much, if at all. If anything, he says, it will make Black Friday shopping more popular.

List of Retailers Not Opening Thanksgiving

Employees are excited about the possibility of a day off. Dwan Simmons says he's worked on Thanksgiving before.

"I know what it feels like. You miss everything from your family so dinner is always over by the time you get home," he said. "You always have a to go plate in the microwave and you’re not really there to bond with your family."

CBL says malls will be closed but individual stores can choose to stay open. Rogers sais he'll have that list of stores at Friendly Center soon.

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CBL shopping areas will open at 6:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

The company says department stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and retailers with exterior malls will have the option to open their stores on Thursday.

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