KERNERSVILLE, NC – Make sure you protect your plants and flowers – it’s about to get really cold!

After weeks of warm winter weather, the upcoming cold snap will be a shock to the system for many.

But the nearly freezing temperatures can hurt more than your skin.

It can be painful for your plants and flowers as well.

Triad farmers like John Hedgecock are working to protect their crops from the cold.

"If we didn't cover the plants tonight to protect them from the frost, the crop would've look like this,” said Hedgecock, as he pointed to a dead plant. “All the blooms will look like this. Those strawberries have been killed by the frost."

Right now you can't see any strawberries if you drive by the Hedgecock Strawberry Farm in Kernersville.

They're all covered up by big white canvasses.

Hedgecock says the freezing temperatures will kill everything that's not covered.

“We have to cover the plants tonight because if we don't get them covered, all the blooms will die,” said Hedgecock. “There will not be a strawberry on these plants.”

Hedgecock has been a strawberry farmer for 17 years.

But he says this year has been more stressful than usual.

This winter has been so warm -- he says his crops starting blooming 3 weeks early!

With freezing temperatures in the forecast for Thursday night, he's stressing out about his plants dying!

He's spent the last 2 days covering each of his 60,000 plants spread across four acres of farmland.

Hedgecock says it's a lot of work, but it's the only way to save his harvest.

"We're having to cover them and uncover them because it's getting hot and then frost again,” said Hedgecock. “So it's much more labor intensive this year because of the weather."

If you have a garden at home -- Hedgecock says you should cover your plants and flowers, too.

But don't just use a tarp -- make sure you use a sheet or a towel -- something that will insulate the warmth.

Just make sure you take the cover off the next day because the condensation can damage the leaves on your plants!