BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A pond in Burlington is completely frozen over.

Even some rocks being thrown didn't go through the ice, but you have to stay away from frozen ponds like this -- because it can turn dangerous quickly.

Our sister station was interviewing a man about Lake Norman being frozen -- when he fell right through the ice!

The man did end up being okay, but that goes to show you the dangers are real.

At the pond we were at, there were actually several ducks and geese who took their chances on the ice and it held up for them, but clearly the weight of a person is much heavier.

Firefighters in Burlington advise everyone to keep a close eye on kids who might want to venture a little too close to the ice.

They say in no circumstance should you ever try to go out on the ice.

"I want people to know they don't understand the depth of the ice that is in the pond to begin with. Any time you take the chance of getting out on the ice or pond, or stream, or anything of that nature, that you run the risk of going under," said Captan Jay Mebane, with the Burlington Fire Department.

Firefighters also say if someone does happen to fall in, call 911 immediately.

The best thing to do to help is find a branch, a rope, or something they can grab onto.

Throw it to them and try to pull them out.

Do not try to go in after them, because then the Fire Department might end up having to rescue you too if you go in after someone.