GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We're still feeling the freeze, and there's no escaping it.

For businesses, some benefit from the cold others, are taking a hit.

The bitter cold sticks around the Triad for the next several days.

That means many of you might want to spend all your time indoors.

Businesses like SkyZone in Greensboro wants you to do just that -- and lately, this place has been jumping with visitors.

SkyZone trampoline park says they love the cold.

People are avoiding the freeze by coming inside, jumping around, and warming up.

Yesterday, they even opened their park for extended "snow day " hours, because they figured all the kids needed a place to go.

It seemed to pay off, because SkyZone says their numbers yesterday were nearly five times higher than a usually Thursday.

"They wanted to get the kids active, out of the house -- instead of jumping and bouncing off the walls in the house let them come in here and jump and bounce off our walls in here," said Janice Mcnulty, the Owner of SkyZone Trampoline Park in Greensboro.

But, the cold is definitely a double edged sword.

While SkyZone was hopping, The Deck bar in Jamestown shut down since the new year, because the cold has affected their plumbing.

Some good news though -- The Deck has a plumber coming this week, and say they will be back open next Thursday -- January 11th.

They will even have some brand new heaters.

So, it seems the cold takes and the cold gives, so while some businesses are struggling -- others are jumping for joy.