One of the biggest groups the Presidential candidates are going after: young people. Both Clinton and Trump have been targeting college-aged adults and millennials.

The students have been very involved in this election season thanks to visits from the candidates both in Greensboro as well as on campus.

You can tell they're engaged. More than 125 people gathered in a lecture hall Wednesday night to watch the final debate.

The Student Government Association, along with several other campus groups, hosted the watch party in the hopes of getting first-time voters involved in the process.

"I feel like it's important to be informed,” said one student. “You can't vote not really knowing what people stand on, you want to candidates are saying, you want to know their different rhetorics that come up. These are really important issues that affect our lives."

"I really think the turnout is going to be huge this year,” predicted another student. “Typically people in my age group maybe only 20%-30% turn out on election day. I think that can really change."

"It's never good when people end up in office who shouldn't be there or you vote for the wrong person because you don't know what they stand for and it's against what you believe,” said a student leader for SGA. “So we just want to make sure that students are even looking at the local elections and not just who's running for President."

Some students said they heard a lot of the same from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the final debate, similar to the first two.

Now it's up to voters to decide who most aligns with their beliefs. "I think there's a lot of things that people sort of need to look at within themselves as far as their identity and their different views go and sort of understanding that's what's important to connect to when you're voting," said one student.

If you're wondering whether more people care about the last debate compared to others, think about this. More than 125 people were at UNCG’s watch party Wednesday night. Compare that to just 30 for the last debate.