GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Thursday was World AIDS Day, an effort to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

According to Cone Health, Greensboro and High Point rank 20th in the nation for HIV. The hospital has been part of the AIDS clinical Trial Group for 26 years.

This is the first year it's participating in a study for preventive HIV Care. They're testing a daily injection and pill for at higher risk for the disease. Doctor Kees Van Dam said he's seen changes in medicine and practice during his 11 years of working with Infectious Diseases.

"Initially there was nothing and then there was one medicine, AZT but we found out that one medicine was not good enough, we needed three active medications," Van Dam said. "unfortunately getting 3 active medicines in the early days meant taking handfuls of pills all day long and those pills had side effects . Nowadays there are 6 different single tablet regiments, where there is one pill that has a complete regiment inside of it.”

Van Dam thinks a preventative drug is the next step in treating aids.