GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It looks like any other day on campus. Students out, backpacks on; heading to class.

But two are not.

"There's so many different emotions that goes into it when you lose some of your classmates," says A&T Alexander Bailey.

Sophomore Alisia Dieudonne and junior Ahmad Campbell were shot and killed at a house on Circle Drive just blocks away from campus.

Police say they were at an off-campus party around 2 a.m. when a fight escalated and shots were fired, hitting both students. They later died at the hospital.

"I haven't really processed it yet."

Miata Burgos was at the party when it happened.

"The fact that there were lives that were lost," Burgos tells. "It could have easily been mine."

A reality that's still sinking in for many students.

"There's no security at a house party," says student Hallel Simpson. "You never know who has a weapon. Who has a gun."

"I know it's easy to walk down the street but it could be your last final walk," adds his friend Chris McCrea. "You don't even know."

Hours after the shooting university officials held a safety forum, imploring students to not to go to off campus parties.

Wishful thinking - or a wake up call?

"My little cousin goes here," McCrea adds. "I tell him don't go to the house parties. It ain't even worth going there."

Less than 24 hours ago this clock tower served as a spot for mourning - a vigil for Alisia Dieudonne and Ahmad Campbell.

And as it chimes - it's a reminder for students to be more mindful as they continue to remember the lives lost.

"Am I next?" Gimere Tooles asks. "That's the question that you're asking yourself."

Greensboro Police are working with NC A&T police and administrators to investigate the shooting.

No arrests have been made. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 373-1000 or text a tip to 274637.