SPOKANE, Wash. -- Former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal has launched a new line of homemade lollipops.

Dolezal has faced public criticism for passing herself off as a black woman in 2015. Dolezal later acknowledged she is “Caucasian biologically,” but said she identifies as black.

Earlier this year, Dolezal told the Guardian she was jobless and feeding her family with food stamps.

Dolezal announced the new lollipop line "Gimme Some Sugar" on her Facebook page. She said she has been making lollipops since the fourth grade. She would sell them at school and use the money to buy new shoes and clothes.

The lollipops are available in several flavors including cherry bourbon, butterscotch, forest mint, cotton candy and grape soda.

“A perfect addition to your winter holiday packages, or a treat you can savor hands-free while you’re cooking or wrapping gifts over the holiday… or even if you’re just watching Netflix,” Dolezal wrote on her Facebook page.

The lollipops are available for sale on Dolezal’s website.