WINSTON-SALEM, NC – October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but there is another cause the city of Winston-Salem wants to bring light to.

It is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the city held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night to bring awareness.

At that vigil was John Eddings, a man who experienced domestic abuse first hand, as the ab

"I kept trying to make it work, and in that moment, I jumped up and I smacked her. As I smacked her, she looked at me and she ran upstairs. I thought about it, and I went up there to apologize and make sure everything was ok. That whole evening, and six days later, no conversations, nothing,” said Eddings.

After Eddings slapped his wife he was arrested for Domestic Assault On A Female. During his first appearance in court he got a restraining order.

"They said I couldn’t go back to the house. Yes, I was homeless. I had to sleep in my truck."

Living with his friends, he was then given the option, spend five years in jail or go through a 28 week program. He chose to go through the program.

"As I was thinking, as the weeks went by, I thought about it. I made the mistake, I have to take ownership for this mistake so I have to go ahead and drop [the case against his wife] to handle this situation that happened on my behalf."

And Eddings has not been the same since.

“Everybody makes mistakes in life, but with a second chance, anyone can become a better person, and I say that every day. No one is perfect. But with time and help, you can become a better person”.

The event where Eddings spoke was held at the Business Center at Forsyth Technical Community College, and had people from all walks of life coming together to bring awareness.

Others who attended included Mayor Allen Joines, the Winston-Salem Police Department, counselors, people from education services as well as family members of victims and their advocates.

During the event initiatives were announced for the rest of the month and officers showed off the domestic violence vehicle and what it does.

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