NORTH CAROLINA --  If you're planning to get away for the holiday weekend don't put the pedal to the metal. Law enforcement all across the state is cracking down on people speeding up. It's part of the Governor's Highway Safety Program's "Speed A Little, Lose A Lot" campaign. The goal is to remind people that speeding isn't worth it.

Not many people admit to speeding but the truth is most do. So do these programs really work? WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner asked the High Point Police Department.

Last year the department gave 600 tickets and saw 103 wrecks during the same speeding campaign. Officer Abernethy says it works and it keeps people safe.

"I think a lot of it is getting the motoring public aware of some things that may seem obvious - it's the holiday, there's more traffic, you need to slow down," Abernethy said. "We all know this when we stop and thinking about it but when you're on the way back from the beach and you've got a car load of kids and you're excited, sometimes your mind goes off of that."

So if you are going on a trip take your time and try not to go over the limit. Officers will be in unmarked and marked cars and riding on motorcycles to catch speeders. They say they don't do this to give tickets, they do it to keep you safe.

Last year North Carolina had 19,000 crashes and 369 deaths because of speeding. That's almost a 5% increase from 2015. During last year's speeding campaign alone there were 12 speed-related deaths.