GREENSBORO, N.C.-- North Carolinian voters can make their voice heard starting Thursday by casting an early voter ballot.

NC Voter Guide: Where To Cast Your Vote

Early voting starts Thursday morning in the Tar Heel state. This is sometimes called "One-Stop Absentee Voting" or "In-Person Absentee Voting" because you are voting early in person and will be "absent" on Election Day.

Any voter in the county can use any of the early voting sites in the county, according to You do not need an excuse to use early voting.

Voters who are registered have the opportunity to cast their ballot starting 8 a.m. Thursday. For those who have not voted before, on-site voter registration is available.

If you missed the 25-day registration guideline, early voting may be the ticket for you. Same day registration is a good option if you missed the deadline, or have recently become eligible to vote. Voters can register at early voting sites and then cast their ballot. For more information on what documents you need to use same day registration, click here.

Only a few sites open, per county, on October 20 for early voting for a week. On Thursday, October 27, the early voting sites will expand until the Saturday before the general election.

To find an early-voter site near you, click here.

If you need to check your voter registration to see if you are registered to vote, click here.

With as many as six out of every 10 voters expected to vote early, the race for this battleground state could be decided before election day. North Carolinians can vote for the United States President, North Carolina's Governor, U.S. senate, Congress and several state-wide positions.

The opportunity to cast a ballot ahead of the general election ends at 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 5th.

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