GREENSBORO, N.C. -- In the aftermath of Matthew, families from across the region are making their way to the Triad in search of shelter.

Heather Hardy, assistant general manager at a Greensboro Days Inn, says her hotel has hosted a number of guests from eastern North Carolina and South Carolina.

"It started about Wednesday or Thursday," Hardy said. "We got a lot of phone calls, and we got quickly booked by Thursday evening. Saturday, we were actually overbooked, and we had to find other accommodations for people."

Colin and Lois McLeod have been at the hotel since Wednesday. The McLeods are from Canada, but were in North Myrtle Beach for their annual vacation. They came to Greensboro after they were forced to evacuate.

"I didn't want to go and ride that out," Mr. McLeod said. "There's no way I would ride out a hurricane like that."

Mrs. McLeod added, "We are fine, it's been different, but we'll get back [to North Myrtle]."

Hardy says she and her hotel staff are glad to be able to help people, like the McLeods.

"It's really important because it's not only [our guests]," she said. "It's their children, and it's grandparents, and it's their animals, and just everyone gets displaced, so we kind of have to just make sure everyone is being taken care of."