WINSTON-SALEM - A Winston-Salem family is dealing with something no one wants to endure on Christmas: A house fire.

A family of six was able to escape their house on Marne Street without injury Monday. There was at least one child inside.

Firefighters didn't forget about the holiday today -- and were able to get the Christmas presents out of the house before any damage was done to them.

It's might only be a small victory in the big scheme of things after the fire, but on a day like today, it can mean the world.

"The picture was for my baby brother who passed away in my momma's stomach. He wasn't breathing and his heart wasn't breathing. I was really upset about that and I'm really glad everybody was safe and I'm glad that --," said Qua'monie Carter who is 7 and was living in the house.

"The picture getting saved was something we were glad they were able to do because my nephew died before he could live one day so it's one of those things where we were glad he could save something like that because that's the only memory we have of him," said Latrelle McIntyre who also lived in the house and is 15.

The Winston-Salem fire department says a family of six lives in the house.

The house is damaged badly enough that the family won't be able to stay there right now.

Most of the fire was contained to the attic and the fire department believes this fire started in the chimney.

While the family is in good spirits because nobody was harmed, once the shock of seeing flames shooting their roof went away, they say they had to face some tought questions for themselves.

"The first thing that went through my mind is everyone safe? Is everyone out the house? But secondly was where we gonna live now? Because we can't live in that right now so."

The fire department leaders we spoke with also say this hits close to home for them because on a day like today they can't help but think of their own families.

The family displaced by the fire is currently working with the Red Cross to figure out living arrangements.

Firefighters believe the fire started in a chimney and spread to the attic.

Fire crews saved Christmas presents from the fire, which has since been put out. The call came in around 1:30 p.m.

Winston-Salem officials said 28 firefighters were called on the scene. There were five engines and two ladders there with two safety offers and two battalion chiefs. The Red Cross was there to help the family with displacement.

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