Phoenix, Arizona (WLTX) - Felicia Jackson is one dedicated Gamecock fan.

"My husband scored a back-country trip of a lifetime, so he's hiking the Grand Canyon in the snow tonight, but I came to Phoenix to cheer on my Gamecocks," she said. "We arrived at the Grand Canyon from Moab, Utah. My husband and I have been taking a cross country trip and so we've been traveling for about three weeks."

She said the trip has been great, but there was a slight change of plans.

"Somehow I got a signal through and my son texted, 'Gamecocks are going to the Final Four,' and I knew we were going to the Grand Canyon and I said, 'I've got to go support my Gamecocks."

A Beaufort native and Newberry College graduate, Jackson said there was no hesitation.

"I've got to do it. I've got to make it happen and I'm so excited to do it," she said.

Jackson didn't have a ticket when we met, but she said whether or not she gets one she'll be watching.