GREENSBORO, NC – Susan and Greg Day weren’t planning on taking a trip to Greensboro to see their youngest daughter. But, when a hurricane threatens your home- it makes for a good excuse.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Greg told his wife, “Everyone at the office is talking about evacuating. I said, ‘because of the hurricane?’ He said, ‘yes. I think we need to go,’” Susan remembered.

The couple said they packed so fast- they nearly forgot each other.

“I packed two shirts, two skirts and some food we didn’t want to go bad in the refrigerator and just keep loading sleeping bags and pillows,” Susan explained.

The couple, originally from the Jersey shore, moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2010. It’s the first time in their 40 years of marriage, the first time in their lives, the two evacuated because of a natural disaster.

Susan said, “This is probably one of the most stressful storms. We’ve been through a lot of snow storms, been through a lot of things in our lives but this hurricane is a whole new chapter for me.”

The two are making the best of the air mattresses on the floor. In fact, Greg lovingly said the one-bedroom apartment is nostalgic.

“It reminds my husband of when we were young and first married” Susan said. “600 square feet and there’s four of us here now. So, we’re trying to stay out of our kid's way. They were generous to open their home to us. It’s better than a hotel.”

Susan jokingly added they’ve made some time to explore the city.

“We’ve been to the Walmart,” Susan laughed. “Yesterday we went to Costco, bought some things for out kids.”

When they aren't living it up in Greensboro and keeping their light-hearted nature, Susan said her eyes remain glued to local and national weather and news channels.

“The governor (South Carolina) kept talking about the storm surge, the storm surge and I’m just praying our homes are safe and people listened to what she had to say.”

The couple purchased a home in April just one mile away from the ocean. Susan, again bringing a light-hearted sense to the conversation said they also just installed a hot tub…and hope it’s still in place when they get back.

In fact, Susan said, as must fun as she’s having visiting Walmarts and sharing an air mattress with the love of her life, she really can’t wait to go back home. But, home will have to wait. Susan flies to Nicaragua for a mission trip with her church shortly after Matthew leaves the South Carolina coast.